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Phase 1 – Preparing the back

First of all, we were lucky enough to have been offered an unused greenhouse.

Considering that the beginning of March was cold, we anticipated that there will be no spring at all, or it will be very, very late. Sowing anything would be early anyway. So re-building the greenhouse could be a good start.



Greenhouse in its original condition and location


After careful planning, the following steps took place.

We repositioned the apple tree. From the left side of the allotment, we moved it to the right side of the allotment. It sits in line with the damson tree now. The idea is that on the right side (sunny south side) will be a line of fruit trees and bushes. The tree itself was 6-7′ tall. One of us held it in place, the other one was filling the hole with soil. A few days later we put some wood chips around the tree. Moving can shock the tree, so we do not expect any fruit this year, but we hope the tree will survive the move.



Apple tree in the top right corner of the plot


We were sawing off all the branches of the ash tree and the majority of its trunk.



Ash tree remains by the edge of the patio


One of the previous plot owners tried to cut back the ash tree. As long as the root is intact, most of the trees will regrow from the base of the trunk.  Ash tree also produces suckers. To be able to remove it permanently, we applied a tree killer onto the trunk. You can see the hole on the top left of the picture where the apple tree was sitting before.



Ash tree trunk


We dug up the area where we wanted to place the greenhouse, removed all the grassroots and pebbles. Apparently, there was a pebble walkway under the grass. The digging lasted two days.



The groundwork for the greenhouse


Removed all the glass panels from the frame and carried them over to our plot.



Some of the glass panels under the apple tree

Then carried over the paving slabs and started to lay it down straight onto the soil. We skipped the sand base. The soil level is slightly higher next to the walkway, so we placed a U-shaped steel joist along the paving slabs on the north side, and pegged it into its position with wood pegs.




Base construction


We also moved the frame, the rest of the paving slabs, some netting, some wire/plastic mesh, a few bricks to put them to good use.



under construction


The frame apparently should have had a base which we didn’t possess, so we put some wood under it. We drilled a few holes and secured the frame to the paving slabs with bolts. ( Easyfix Concrete Bolts from Screwfix ) Why secure it? Well, because the wind could either lift the structure or push it at an angle, which would deform the frame in a way that the glass plains could break.


Then we cleaned the frame and each of the glass plains, placing the glass and plastic boards in position. Before even finishing the build, we had our first tenant.



Probably a cabbage moth larvae



By the time we finished the greenhouse construction it was already mid April.