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Sowing season on the allotment, 2018

Considering that the plot needs some extra care, we decided to make life easy for this year and do one type of task in a certain period of time and try not to overlap tasks. For example, we will not do consecutive sowing of peas and beans during June and July. We have done the groundwork in March and April, so any other groundwork needed will be done in late autumn or winter.

From mid-April until the end of May we sowed everything we wanted to grow this year. We put many seeds into seed cells, then replanted them into small pots, then some of them into bigger pots end finally into the ground, to their final position. Some seeds we put straight into the ground. Some plants had to stay in big pots as I wanted to grow them in the greenhouse.

Unfortunately, there were a few heatwaves during this period, so some of the seedlings died or didn’t germinate. It seemed that the carrots, leeks, and parsnips didn’t come up, and the cauliflower seedlings didn’t make it. A few weeks into June I discovered one parsnip though. All the above root vegetable seeds were put into the soil via seed tapes. Note for self: no more seed tapes!


From left to right: yellow onion, empty carrot line, empty parsnip line, red onion.

Most of the vegetables grew extremely well during the second half of May. I managed to build a sort of lattice for the gherkins.

I did forget a tray to check and replant: the radishes. We ended up leaving them in the tray then just eat them from there (after washing). Surprisingly, they were sweet and didn’t have the characteristic of “pepperiness”.


It was an active six weeks, with lots of digging and potting and sunburn, but it was also rewarding to see how the plot transforms slowly.