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The location and condition of my new plot – part 2

What is it in the front?

A trapezoid-shaped section has leftovers from last year: strawberries, mint, chard, onion; and some sorts of flowers and weed.

A trapezoid-shaped walkway has two raised beds. The walkway is unusable around the raised beds as it is too narrow to walk around. The raised beds are full of weed. Two bags of green waste lie by sadly.


What is it at the back?

A few trees. A damson tree, which is not pruned, but badly butchered on one side. An apple tree, which is on a tilt, held upright by a rope and a metal rod. An ash tree, which looks like someone tried to kill it without success, now sprouting, sucking the nutrition away from the apple tree.

A composting area. Two compost bins are filled up with last year’s produce of potatoes, squashes, and pumpkins. The third bin is half filled with soil. There are a few bags of some sort of green waste, probably cut grass or weed.

Random rubbish. Apparently, the site is open to the elements soo much that some items can fly from one end of the allotment to the other end (for example bins, green netting, greenhouse, plastic panels, etc).




And finally, the blueprint to get your bearings right:


plot blueprint March 2018

plot blueprint March 2018


The main vegetable patch is covered with black plastic sheets. From the drawing, you can see that its area is 7 metre by 16 metre, which is  112 square metre. There are pathways on both sides, so I am not going to plant anything close up to the path, leaving around a  foot gap next to the path. This will reduce to available planting area to around a 100 square metre.

The shed is small (6′ by 6′) but sufficient enough to store some pots, manure and escape somewhere when it is raining. It is leaning to one side, the side panels have plenty of holes, but hey, some plots don’t even have a shed.

This plot is slightly bigger than we wanted to be, but this could be a good challenge for the coming year. We can see how we can balance the effort we put into it with all the yield we gain from it.